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Provide quality control equipment and auxiliary equipment for nuclear medicine, particle source treatment, SPECT, and PET imaging.


Provide quality control equipment and auxiliary equipment for radiotherapy and imaging diagnosis. To ensure the accuracy of the quantitative values and the clarity of the imaging in the diagnosis and treatment process. In order to ensure the patient's diagnosis and treatment.


Measurement equipment for monitoring the content of radioactive substances in the atmosphere, soil, water quality, animals and plants is provided.

Provided for the measurement inspection department to carry out work-level equipment necessary measurement standard equipment. It is a necessary product for verification and calibration of nuclear measuring instruments.

Provide the core detectors involved in nuclear measuring instruments. Including various detection ionization chambers, scintillators, counters, neutron Guandeng.


Provide basic nuclear measurement units: calibration device, multi-channel analyzer, charge preamplifier, Pulse signal preamplifier, digital conformity circuit, high voltage generator, etc..


As an effective quality control method for medical image diagnosis, medical test modules are widely used by clinical departments, Metrology detection departments, and disease control systems. Only one domestic professional production of medical test mold manufacturers.


The only manufacturer in China that specializes in customizing and producing various Ray reference radiation field generators covers all fields such as measurement departments, disease control systems, foreign companies, and research institutes. Project experience from a dozen successful cases.

All Products