Our company successfully developed a non-contact infrared thermometer

The company's new development and production of non-contact infrared thermometer, sturdy and beautiful portable, easy to operate.

Due to the rapid spread of the domestic epidemic, the company's newly developed and produced non-contact infrared thermometer, strong and beautiful portable, simple to operate.

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Thermometer main performance indicators:

Temperature measurement range: 32 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

Resolution: 0.1 ℃

Accuracy:<± 0.3 ℃

Test distance 2 ㎝ ~ 15 ㎝

Response time <200 ms

Over-temperature audible and visual alarm, data retention

Adapt to the ambient temperature of 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

Adapt to measurement; Ear temperature, forehead temperature, wrist temperature data is accurate.