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Low background α, β meter

Program-controlled high-voltage technology is adopted: the α threshold, β low threshold (β L), β high threshold (β H) and high voltage of the detector can be adjusted by computer according to requirements, with high degree of automation: the computer automatically controls the whole measurement process, automatically processes data, and can print results and original data. The innovative lead chamber structure design makes the distance between the coincidence detector and the main detector small and the anti-coincidence efficiency higher, the background is lower.

Radiation protection Environmental horizontal ionization chamber

Radiation protection ionization chamber can be used as a secondary calibration laboratory for radiation protection and environmental level of absolute radiation dose measurement of high-quality ionization chamber, divided into spherical, cylindrical, can give accurate volume. From low-energy X-rays to high-energy photon radiation all counties have excellent quantitative response. It can be used with mixture meter, and the ionization chamber plug can be BNC, TNC, etc., which can be completely used with PTW, 1BA and other dose meters.

Thyroid function instrument

HH6008 thyroid function instrument is my company development and mass production of products, the instrument through the human thyroid iodine absorption rate, inhibition rate, half-time and potassium perchlorate release rate and other test indicators of the determination of thyroid disease diagnosis.

Portable χ γ Dose Rate Meter

The YD-1105 portable X γ dose rate meter uses plastic scintillator as the detector, which has the characteristics of wide energy range, good energy response and low measurement limit. Changes in dose rate at the moment of exposure of the X-ray machine can be captured. Therefore, it can detect the ambient dose rate of the hospital fluoroscopy room, CT room and X-ray radiation. Can also be used for radioactive source shielding, nuclear power and other places around the environmental dose rate detection. The Bluetooth function can effectively extend the distance between the detection point and the user, thereby effectively reducing the harm of radiation to the operator. Is a high price of professional dose rate meter.
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Beijing Yida Measurement Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Yida Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and production of nuclear instrumentation and the provision of overall solutions and applications of nuclear radiation measurement technology. The company is located in Juyuan Industrial Zone, Mapo Town, Beijing. Since its inception, has been to achieve the localization of nuclear radiation measuring instruments and nuclear technology industrialization as the goal and responsibility, the company has been in the nuclear radiation detection, nuclear electronics technology, nuclear radiation monitoring technology, nuclear technology applications and other technical fields have a certain accumulation. It has a variety of products with independent intellectual property rights, which are widely used in environmental radiation measurement, radiation medicine measurement, nuclear medicine measurement, nuclear measurement technology research and other fields.



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Company address: 101, Building 9, Yard 12, Juyuan Middle Road, Mapo Town, Shunyi District, Beijing

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