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Standard Level Activity Meter


Standard Level Activity Meter

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RM-905a radioactivity standard activity meter

The new RM-905a radioactive standard activity meter adopts the latest measurement principle and technology, which makes the performance indicators of the instrument better than similar foreign products. At the same time, the machine uses a 7-inch color LCD touch screen, full Chinese operation interface, user-friendly interface, a complete nuclide database, high measurement accuracy, fast response time, user-defined fast measurement and other functions. Its performance and function have reached the international advanced level. Can be used for ionizing radiation radioactivity measurement special metering standard device. In recent years, according to the different needs of the market, our company has developed a series of activity meters such as standard activity meters, particle-specific activity meters, PET-specific activity meters, and afterloading activity meters to meet the needs of different users.

Technical indicators

✦ Leakage current: ≤ ± 1fA;

Repeatability:< ± 0.1%;

-Electrometer accuracy:< 0.5%;

✦ System linearity:< ± 0.1%;

X, γ and β nuclides with energy range above 25Kev and above 1Mev.

Range: 0.001μCi-10Ci(99mTc).

The resolution is 0.001 μCi;

✦ Response time: 0.5-1 second.

Functional features

It can be used for radioactivity measurement in nuclear medicine, nuclear industry, isotope production, national defense scientific research and other fields.

Use Curie (Ci) and Beck (Bq) two display units.

✦ 7-inch large LCD screen full Chinese display, touch screen operation, good user interface.

✦ Seven user-defined nuclide shortcut keys for user-friendly use.

It has a complete and expandable nuclide database with a large capacity and can store up to 200 nuclide types.

The measurement data can be saved and exported. User-friendly data archiving. And can be printed out.

The range of automatic conversion, automatic measurement.

It integrates a variety of data communication interfaces, which can be suitable for different user needs: RS232/USB interface, 485 interface, Bluetooth (WIFI) interface.

Size and weight

Host size (height * width * depth):(155*255*195)mm weight: 1kg

Ionizing chamber: diameter 14.5cm height 30 cm weight: 6kg

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