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High Precision Dose Meter

7 inch color LCD screen, touch screen operation, all Chinese operation interface. Intuitive and easy to operate. Display digits: 4-7 optional, measurement accuracy is much higher than similar imported products. The wide measuring range can cover the treatment level, the diagnosis level and the protection environment level.


Radiation Medicine

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Product Features

7 inch color LCD screen, touch screen operation;
All Chinese operation interface, intuitive and easy to operate;
Display digits: 4-7 digits optional;
Online high-voltage enable function: by turning off the high voltage online, the ionization chamber can be replaced in the startup state;
The detector information base can store up to 400.

Technical parameters

Measurement range: electric quantity 10fC ~ 9C, current 1fA ~ 2.5 μA;
Leakage current: ≤ ± 10-15A ( 1 fA);
Long-term stability: ≤ ± 0.1%/year;
Standard nonlinearity: ≤ ± 0.1%;
Repeatability:< ± 0.1%;
Interval:(1...9999) seconds;
Working high voltage: ± 800V 1V step


The measurement range can cover the treatment level, the diagnosis level, the protection environment level.
Measurement mode: manual measurement, automatic timing measurement, automatic dose measurement. The measurement threshold automatically starts the measurement mode.
Can be temperature, pressure correction;
Measurement results can be saved automatically and can be exported.
The error calculation result is automatically given by the saved measurement result.

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