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Magnetic Resonance Performance Detector

Testitems  Themodulardesigncanbeflexiblydisassembled,replacedandcombinedtochangethecollocationandemissionsequence.Theusercanarbitrarilycombinethetestcomponentsaccordingtothepurposeofresearchandtest.Th
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Product Description

  Test items

  The modular design can be flexibly disassembled, replaced and combined to change the collocation and emission sequence. The user can arbitrarily combine the test components according to the purpose of research and test. The tester has many types of test layers, full functions, and a wide range of testing. Replaceable liquid test sample. The eleven NMR quality control and quality assurance parameters can be tested at the same time, which can fully meet most of the requirements of the routine daily, monthly, and annual tests of the NMR system, and have expanded functions.

  Thickness test layer The thick test layer consists of test assemblies in both vertical and horizontal directions. It is possible to measure the thickness, layer spacing, and layer deviations of the cross-section, sagittal, and coronal sections without rotating the phantom.

  Grid Test Layer The grid effectively measures aspect ratio, linearity, uniformity, signal-to-noise ratio, and image distortion. At the same time with the software testing can also measure the resonant frequency. It can be used for the analysis and research of artifacts such as orthogonal artifact testing and other magnetic resonance imaging systems.

  High contrast resolution test layer The test layer includes two test modules. This layer contains both vertical and horizontal test components, which can compare the frequency coding direction and phase coding direction resolution in one scan without rotating the phantom.

  The star-shaped MTF test layer set by the modulation transfer function test layer can perform 360-degree fuzzy band observation, easy to measure the limit resolution, and can effectively compare the phase encoding direction and frequency encoding direction in one scan without rotating the phantom. The spatial resolution.

  There are horizontal and vertical positioning blocks in the test assembly. The positioning blocks are connected at a fixed point to the center of the circle, and it is easy to determine the horizontal and vertical directions. At the same time, the positioning of the phantom can be calibrated.

  The test assembly has a central positioning block, and a vertex of the positioning block is labeled as the center of the test layer. In the measurement of the fuzzy band, the radius of the blur band is easily measured by the positioning block, and the magnification is conveniently calculated. The centering block is a uniform density object and the edge-edge method can be used to calculate the system's modulation transfer function (MTF).

  The positioning layer can be positioned by the phantom to prevent tilting of the phantom, affecting the test accuracy of each test layer.

  The overflow layer can accurately measure the signal-to-noise ratio, uniformity and linearity of various magnetic resonance imaging systems and can be applied to the testing of four common magnetic resonance artifacts.

  Conforms to relevant standards reported by AAPM28 and AAPM34.

  The main function

  Space uniformity Scan thickness and slice

  Patient Positioning System Verification With Spatial Resolution of 11 Pairs/cm

  Geometric Linear Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)

  Low contrast T1 and T2 measurements

  3D size evaluation sample test

  Technical indicators

  Star module wedge angle 3 degrees, 120 degrees, spatial resolution 11LP/cm

  YD-H06 (cylindrical): Cylindrical body of human tissue equivalent material, outer diameter 20cm, height 20cm;

  YD-HC06 (spherical): Spherical phantom of human tissue equivalent material, outer diameter 20cm; can be used to measure or test the axis, crown, radial and slope;

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