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Breast phantom

Can be used for breast film machine acceptance and stability testing.


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-   Applied Gold Standard Quality AssuranceSolutions to improve breast health

-   Measuring and monitoring the breast X Rayphotographic system signal-to-noise ratioresolution and image quality.

-   Compliance Medical Breast X Line Radiation Source "Verification Regulations and EUREF,IAEA and ACPSEM Requirements

-   Simulated compression breast groupRadioactive characteristics of the fabric

-   ProvideQuickly detect objects from 0.16-2.0 mm

-   Help to changeGood patient prognosis          




▪      YD-Mo1The 56 phantom performance phantom meets the technology of JJG 1145-2017 "Medical Breast X-ray Radiation Source" verification regulation. operationToplease, andRequirements of relevant international standards of IAEA, EUREF and FDA.

▪      The phantom was YD-Mo156 to simulate the radiological characteristics of 4.2cm compressed breast tissue. The inserts mimic breast disease,MicroCalciumfibrous structure and tumor mass.Can be on the breastSignal-to-noise ratio, resolution and image quality of X-ray radiography systemsDo the inspectionMeasurement. The phantom may correspondQA assessment, CT monthly inspection test, can be used as CT manufacturer, personal assessment, shadow. like qualityand quality assurance testing tools.

▪      YD-Mo156 phantom design, contains visible test objects on any system, as well as in the best breastxLightIt is also difficult to see the test subject on the camera system.

Structure,Technical indicators:

-     The phantom structure is designed according to the characteristics of breast structure and breast disease. 16 different target sizes and materials, detection DimensionsMinimum0.11mm;

-     The internal standard block structure of the mold body is shown in the figure.As shown in the figure, tumor-like masses and microcalcifications can be detected;

-     The substrate is composed of wax and acrylic acid equivalent.4.2cm Thick compressed breasts, etceffective organization, which50% fat and 50% of glands;

-      Nylon fiber thread is used to simulate fiber structure(1-6) Wire diameter: φ1.56mm, φ1.12 mmφ0.89mm, φ0.75mm, Φ 0.54mm 、 φ 0.40mm;

-     Simulation of calcification point by aluminum oxide(7-11)5 groups (each group consists of 6 regularly distributed calcifications)

StraightPath:φ0.54Mm 、 φ0.40mm 、 φ0.32mm 、 φ0.24mm 、 φ0.16mm;

-      tumor-like mass(12-16):(2.00, l.00, 0.75, 0.50, 0.25 and 0.16) mm thick masses;

-      OverallSize:(240 × 180 × 40)mm;

-      Weight:0.55kg。


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