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Solid water

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       The water equivalent material can be used to measure the radiation dose conveniently and complete the routine QA examination of the linear accelerator. Solid water is stable and free from humidity or ambient temperature.

       The size is 20cm * 20cm, 30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 40cm optional, the thickness 0.2~3.0cm, the thickness of 2.0cm above can be machined to the ionization chamber socket, which can be used for the measurement of the Farmer type or parallel plate ionization chamber. Different types and types of dosimeters can be placed in the adaptor. Different specifications and sizes of solid water can also be customized according to user requirements.

 Two kinds of solid water with different electron densities can be used separately:

Measurements of photon beams and 1MeV to 50MeV electron beams from 70kV to 50MV.
Measurement of cesium 137 to 50MV photon beam and 1MeV to 50MeV electron beam.

       1 dosimeter can be used for depth dose measurement and dose scale monitoring.
       2, it can be used for radiation calibration of high energy photon beams and electron beams.
       3 deep 30cm dose measurement can be carried out. The minimum thickness increment of flat phantom is 1mm
       4 the thickness tolerance for each plate is only 0.1mm

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