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Diagnostic horizontal ionization chamber


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35cc flat plate ionization chamber

The cylindrical pen-type CT ionization chamber can be used in conjunction with the CT dose phantom to measure the dose length product technical parameters of the CT machine, and the ionization chamber can be placed in the CT body (head or trunk) or directly measured when in use.
The length of the ionization chamber is 10cm, and it has a good consistent response over the entire measurement length. Typical measurement quantities are CTDI1 and CTDW2, that is, the product of dose length, which meets the requirements of IEC 61223-2-6 and IEC 61223-3-5.


Technical indicators

The 35cm ³ flat plate ionization chamber can be used as a secondary calibration laboratory for the measurement of the absolute radiation dose of diagnostic X-rays. Energy as low as 35keV low-energy X-ray, with excellent energy response, can be used with a dose meter.

CT ionization chamber


The 70cm ³ flat plate ionization chamber can be used as a shadow-free high-quality e-commerce room for the secondary calibration laboratory for absolute radiation dose measurement of diagnostic X-ray doses. It has the characteristics of versatility and high precision. Meet IEC61674 requirements. Energy as low as 35keV low energy X-ray, with excellent energy response. It can be placed in front of the phantom or behind the phantom and used with a dosimeter. With YD-228 high-precision dosimeter, it can be measured in a wide dynamic range under automatic exposure control or brightness control environment.

70cc flat plate ionization chamber


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