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Supervised ionization chamber


Nuclear detector

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The transmission type ionization chamber can be used to calibrate the equipment for auxiliary dose monitoring, for large size disc parallel plate transfer ionization. The walls and electrodes of the ionization chamber are made of polyimide material with a degree of 0.025mm, and the outer layer is coated with graphite coating. The outer diameter of the ionization chamber is 230mm, and the outer diameter is fixed on a 6mm thick metal support frame. Can be used with mixture meter


(1) Sensitive volume: 86cm;
(2) Leakage current: ≤ ± 1 pA;
(3) Leakage current: ≤ ± 10 fA;
(4) Rated operating field size range: diameter ≤ 148mm;
(5) Rated use energy range: X-ray (7.5~420) kV;


Supervised ionization chamber


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