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Miniature high voltage power supply module


Nuclear electronics devices

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High stability 10ppm/Hr
Ultra low noise 10ppm
Ultra-low temperature drift 10ppm/℃
Super small volume
External voltage setting output voltage
RS232 SPI Port Set Output Voltage
Efficiency up to 88%
Low temperature operation
Can be isolated, can output bipolar
Can be customized according to user requirements


The YD series is a miniature module with an output voltage of ov-2kv W and an output power of 0.2W -5W. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, ultra-low noise 10ppm, high stability 10ppm/Hr, ultra-low temperature coefficient 10ppm/℃, and six-sided shielding. All models of this power supply provide external reference voltage programming, monitoring, arcing, short circuit and overload protection. The module can also be controlled through RS232 and SPI interfaces, and the status of the module can be obtained. The efficiency is up to 88%. Especially suitable for handheld devices to extend the use time. The working temperature is very low, suitable for applications sensitive to temperature drift.
Typical applications
Mass spectrometry, photomultiplier tube, microchannel plate, proportional counter tube, Geiger tube, avalanche photodiode, solid-state detector, ionization chamber, gas chromatography, electron multiplier detector, nuclear instrument, electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, radiation counter, electron beam, ion beam, high voltage bias, withstand voltage test, precision lens image intensifier, semiconductor test, electrostatic discharge test ESD, pulse power supply, capacitor discharge, life science, medical chemical industry, scientific experiment, industrial applications.

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