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Electronic developer automatic packaging output instrument


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The function of the UG-05 is to automatically carry out the sub-packaging and injection of radiopharmaceuticals, reduce the workload of the operator and reduce radiation damage. According to the FDG stock solution information (radiation amount, volume, measurement time) and sub-packaging information (radiation amount, volume, injection time), the equipment accurately extracts sub-packaging drugs through the movement control of the syringe piston under the control of the computer program. During the sub-packaging process, the equipment has a built-in radiation detector, which can monitor the sub-packaging accuracy and correct it. At the same time, through the internal operation of the computer, the radioactive half-decay error and pipeline loss caused by the time delay are compensated. After the sub-packaging is completed, according to the injection conditions can be directly injected into the patient, can also be extracted into the bottle or syringe.
This equipment can withstand the maximum raw solution radiation activity: 37GBq (1Ci)
This equipment can be injected maximum radiation activity: 740MBq (20mCi)
Maximum radiation dose on the surface of the equipment: less than 10 ^ Sv/ho

Model: UG-05
Size: 698WX469DX993H(mm)
Total weight: about 470Kg dope maximum capacity: 37GBq
Injection rate: 0.2-0.8mL/sec
Injection volume Fan Guo (pharmaceutical physiological saline solution):5mL ~ 28mL or less
Volume of stock solution sub-packaging: 0.15mL ~ 13mL
Injection speed error: ± 5%
Radiation sub-packaging error: ± 5%
Radiation measurement error: 5%
Leakage dose: surface dose: 10 | iSv/h or less
Voltage: AC220V (50Hz) 180VA

Operation sequence (according to the LCD touch screen prompts)             
Preparations before the syringe
1. The syringe push rod returns to the origin.
2. Install (replace) disposable pipe sets.
3. Connect physiological saline bag (bottle).
4. Select the working mode (place the middle (sub-packed) glass bottle.
5, sub-packaging, sub-packaging injection, full injection).
6. Input the original solution information (radiation amount, volume, measurement time).
7. Place the stock solution bottle.

1. Enter the sub-packaging information (radiation amount, volume and injection time during injection).
2. Confirm to start subpackaging, and display the subpackaging result after subpackaging.
3. Confirm the injection conditions (injection speed, injection of physiological salt before and after drug injection
Confirm the water volume and start the injection. After the injection is completed, the injection result will be printed automatically).
4. Choose whether to clean the pipeline.
5. Select to continue the subpackaging operation or end the operation.

Equipment features:
-Large capacity but very slight radiation dose
Through the overall strengthening of the radiation protection of the equipment, when the radiation amount of the original solution is 37GBq(1Ci), the radiation dose on the surface of the equipment is less than 10uSv/h during the sub-assembly operation.
-Simple operation
All operations are based on the information on the LCD touch screen prompts, according to the steps to select the operation. After the pre-injection preparation is completed, as long as the injection information is input, the injection can be continuously performed.
-The stock solution without stock solution information can also be repacked
In the case of not knowing the original liquid information, you can enter the measurement mode, a small amount of a certain volume of original liquid will be detected inside the device, after obtaining the original liquid information, enter the normal working mode.
-Can extract injection
The stock solution can also be extracted into glass bottles or syringes for injection to patients who are inconvenient to move to the equipment, or for non-automatic injection such as experiments.
-Can correspond to different weight
The weight of the patient can be input, and the injection amount can be calculated automatically according to the set calculation parameters. There are 2 choices for the calculation parameters, corresponding to different performance of the positron detector.
-Can save injection archives
The injection information printed during the injection process is also stored in the memory of the device and can be transmitted to the computer through the USB interface.
-Built-in battery
The equipment has built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply, which can cope with sudden power failure or power failure. It can also be used for short-term emergency operation in a space without power supply.
-One-piece disposable accessories
The installation operation is simple and will not leak. The pipeline used on the same day can be stored in the equipment after shutdown, and the new pipeline can be removed and installed when the machine is turned on next time.


UG-05-001 connection line set of FDG stock solution storage container

Radiation reduction:
This equipment adopts double radiation protection measures for the storage of the stock solution by calcium steel (lead thickness 30mm) and the main body protection door (lead thickness 20mm) of the storage warehouse. In the state of the stock solution of 37GBq, the maximum radiation dose on the surface of the device was only 4.5HSv/h (calculated value) after 8 hours of accumulation. Also, the radiation dose emitted from the present apparatus during each of the divided injection was 1.06 Hsv/h (calculated value). Therefore, the present apparatus is very effective in reducing operator radiation.

Associated Products:
1. Dope container (UG-05-W2): 50ml stock bottle can be placed.
2, protective barrier (UG-05-SA): to reduce the operator by the radiation barrier, the barrier built-in radiation sensor, can be in the injection of remote monitoring drug injection.
3. Cart (UG-05-C): convenient transportation of stock solution storage container.
4. syringe shield (5ml, 10ml): used for radiation protection when sub-assembled into the syringe.

As a specific device, this equipment needs to be regularly maintained and managed.
Maintenance management requires specialized knowledge and technology, and it is recommended to entrust our company to do maintenance.


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