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YD-C and other center field measuring instrument

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       The center field measurement instrument is one of the physical medical devices, which helps you to control the quality of solid laser positioning lamps, linear accelerators and analog positioning machines regularly. Without changing the location of the device, the equivalent center field measuring instrument can easily and accurately accomplish a large number of precise positioning operations, including:

•Calibration of laser positioning lamp;

•Treatment of head and treatment bed rotation angle reading accuracy;

•The accuracy of the reading of the light field and the diaphragm;

•The mechanical center of the treatment head and the treatment bed;
•The accuracy of the distance ruler of different distance;
•The calibration of the point grating;
•The coincidence of different field angles and field.
•Treatment of radiation centers such as head, rack and treatment bed.
 Can be used with ISP free film or KODAK OMAT-V slow film.


Resolving power:6 to 5. 0 L / mm, specifications: 50 x 50mm, 0.05mmPb
                              2 - 20 L / mm, specifications: 24 x 12mm, 0.03mmPb
                              0. 6 - 10 L / mm, specifications: 65 x 55mm, 0.05mmPb

Line pair card


By measuring the distance between the blur bands, we can calculate the focus of the X ray tube by imaging the star card.
Specification: 2 degree fan, 0.05mmPb

Star card

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