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Lead room of germanium spectrometer

Type 330 Lead Shielding is designed for use with Ge detectors. It prevents external sources from generating high background counts, thereby reducing counting time and improving minimum detection limits. The structure of the 777 lead chamber is compact and easy to use. A convenient lever can easily activate the upper cover of the lead chamber. At the same time, the precise design can completely block the direct path of radiation. Occupies only 0.4CM2 floor space. 1 mm tin and 1.6mm copper segmented liner prevents lead x-ray interference. The outside of the shield is aesthetically polished with light gray corrugated paint, and the inside is covered with bright polyurethane to prevent oxidation and facilitate cleaning. There is a hole with a diameter of 11.4cm in the bottom of the shield, which can accommodate a cryostat with flange or thin cable (container such as liquid nitrogen tank).


Radiation environment monitoring

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       330 型铅屏蔽是为用于Ge探测器设计。它可防止外部来源产生高本底计数,从而减少计数时间和改善最低探测限。777 型铅室的结构设紧凑且易于使用,一个方便的杠杆可轻松启动铅室上盖,同时精密的设计完全可将完全阻断射线进入的直接路径。仅占用0.4CM2地面空间。1 mm 锡和 1.6 mm 铜分段衬层防止铅x射线的干扰。屏蔽外部美观地用浅灰色的波纹漆抛光,内部覆盖光亮的聚亚胺酯、防止氧化和便于清洗。屏蔽的底上有一个直径为11.4 cm 的洞,它可容纳带法兰或细缆的低温恒温器(液氮罐等容器)。





■ 提供厚度为10cm的铅屏蔽

■ 独有的容易使用的杠杆启动铅门

■ 仅占用0.4CM2地面空间,设计紧凑

■ 内部有分段的锡-铜衬

■ 采用可调整的足垫,可适应不同液氮罐的使用需求



■ 外套 − 9.5 mm 厚的低碳钢

■ 主体屏蔽 − 10cm厚的低本底铅,

■ 分段衬层− 1 mm低本底锡和1.6 mm铜。

■ 重量 约1.1 吨;运输重量 约1.2 吨


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