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Radon thorium analyzer

Based on the principle of GB14582-19993 double filter film measurement, it is the only and advanced portable "real-time" multi function instrument for measuring the environmental radon concentration
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Product Description

1. purpose

       Based on the principle of GB14582-19993 double filter film measurement, it is the only and advanced portable "real-time" multi function instrument for measuring the environmental radon concentration / radon thorium, the concentration of radon and thorium in the environment and the concentration of radon in water. It can be compared with the performance of the German RTM series radon meter. The sample structure has typical advantages, and it can be used in underground engineering, mine underground, tourist caves, nuclear facilities, associated uranium ore system, geological exploration, earthquake radiation hazard assessment and indoor environmental radon measurement, health supervision and radioactivity detection evaluation. It is a kind of finding radon (thorium) source, radon control and radiation safety. The necessary equipment for the full evaluation is in line with the application research requirements of the radiation effect Committee on the monitoring of radon and thorium and the estimation of radon dose, and also the requirements for the measurement of radon daughters in the field measurement and environmental evaluation. The instrument can provide immediate results, simple operation and convenient portability, and is suitable for large-scale radon and progeny level investigation.


2.Conditions of use

A) ambient temperature: -10 ~ 45 C
B) relative humidity: less than 95%
C) power supply: 6V battery and charger. The battery can be charged continuously for about 10 hours at a time, and AC220/50Hz can also be used.


3. Main technical performance

A) detector type: semiconductor detector with small size, fast response and insensitive to gamma;
B) sensitivity: less than 1.3X10-13gRa/ pulse (100 seconds, radium), or less than 0.03% (300 seconds, thorium);
C) probe background: < < 60CPS;
D) detection efficiency for 239Pu- alpha surface source: 45% (2 pi);
E) repeated measurement error: less than 10%;
F) counting capacity 99999999; measurement range: radon / radon progeny concentration 2 * 106Bq/m3, potential potential concentration: 1 * 10-8-10-2J/m3, lower limit 8nJ/m3.
G) linear deviation: less than 0.5%
H) measurement of time interval:

Mode 1 (radon concentration is continuously measured, with radon daughter filter).
Mode 3 (radon / total body potential measurement) is 26min, that is, 26 points out the results.
Mode 2 is 1~100 minutes, and the radon concentration is measured regularly. According to its radon level, the radon concentration can be measured by itself; the instrument has been set up as 26min, which can meet the needs of ordinary measurement, and the data can be inquired without printing.
I) the instrument has a high degree of automation, which can change parameters, display automatically, give results immediately, set the "output" function key, and store 100 historical measurement results inside.
J) micro sampling pump: 1L/min (built-in).
K) size and weight: 245*245*255, 4.5Kg.
Components: RTM-I instrument main engine, water radon device (bubbling device), charger, 5V power supply, instructions, warranty card / certificate, connecting hose, military green instrument box.

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