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Calibration device for personal dosimeter (thermoluminescence film)

The device is designed for personal dosimeter (thermoluminescence) gamma ray calibration device. 37GBq(1Ci) 137Csγ source can be loaded. The device can simultaneously irradiate 28 personal dosimeters (thermoluminescence film). During the irradiation process, the radioactive source will rise from the lead chamber to the irradiation position to produce a uniform radiation field of 4π, and the transmission system can make the irradiation plate rotate slowly during the irradiation period, and the speed can be adjusted. This ensures that the calibration irradiation is uniform and accurate.


Radiation field device

Standard radiation field generator

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       该套装置是专为个人剂量计(热释光片)进行γ射线刻度的校准装置。可装载37GBq(1Ci) 137Csγ源。该装置可同时照射28个个人剂量计(热释光片)。辐照过程中,放射源将从铅室中升至照射位置,产生一个4π的均匀辐射场,传动系统可使照射盘在照射期间缓缓转动,转速可调。这样保证了校准照射均匀、准确。


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