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RM-905a Medical Activity Meter

Features  Automaticconversionofrange,automaticmeasurement,automaticdeductionofkeys  Measurablenuclearmedicinecommonlyusedin99mTc,131I,201Tl,125I  Canmeasure153Sm,90Y,186Reandotherinvivotherapeuticbiol
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Product Description

Automatic range conversion, automatic measurement, and automatic deduction of buttons.
99mTc, 131I, 201Tl, 125I and other commonly used nuclides in nuclear medicine can be measured.
153Sm, 90Y and 186Re can be used to treat biological missiles in vivo.
Measurable positron 18F, 15O, 13N and other positron drugs
Up to 100 nuclides can be set up, and new nuclides are easy to operate.

Technical indicators


Range: 1 Ci-10Ci (99mTc)
Resolution: 1 mu Ci
Measurement accuracy: 1-2% + 1 words
Geometric response: sample axial 2cm, reading variation + 0.5%
Measurement speed: 3-5 seconds
Display unit: Curie (Ci) and Beck (Bq)
Special printer can be printed and output data.

environment condition

Power supply voltage: AC220V + 15% 50Hz + 2%
Ambient temperature: 0-40 C
Relative humidity: less than 85%

Size and weight

Ionization chamber size: diameter 14.5cm height 30cm weight: 5.9Kg
Measuring the size of the host: 24*30*12 (CM) weight: 2.5Kg


Functional characteristics


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