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Inspector+ α, β, γ, X Multifunction Radiometer

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Product Description

       Inspector+ multi-function radiation detector provides you with a fast, accurate and convenient means of radiation detection. It can be used for radiation dose rate detection and surface contamination measurement. The measurement of radioactive contamination in the workplaces, the floor, the floor, the walls, the hands, the clothes and the shoes, and the measurement of radioactive contamination by alpha, beta, gamma and X, as well as the environmental dose rate, is a cost-effective radiation measurement instrument.

Technical indicators

Four bit liquid crystal display
Detection of alpha, beta, gamma, X radioactivity
The detector is the Geiger Maitreya technology tube (GM tube)
Users can set alarm values by themselves
1 minutes -24 hour time measurement can be carried out
Automatic zero adjustment and automatic conversion range

Technical indicators

1. Measurement range
    Counting rate: 0-300000CPM (counting per minute)
    0-5000CPS (counting per second)
    Total count: 1-9999000
    Dose rate: 0.001-100mR/hr (millon / hourly)
    0.01-1000 mu Sv/hr (micro hourly / hourly)
2. Precision: < + 15%
3, power supply: 9V layer battery
4, volume: 145mm*72mm*38mm
5, weight: 272 grams

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