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Pressurized cylindrical ionization chamber


Nuclear detector

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The pressurized ionization chamber is a stainless steel ball wall filled with a certain pressure of the gas. It is mainly used to monitor the agent halo rate of X-gamma rays in the nuclear environment and places. The ionization chamber is a very classic nuclear radiation detector, when X-rays are irradiated to the high-voltage ionization chamber, the ionization chamber collects and produces a current signal, which is proportional to the dose rate.

Outer diameter: 50mm

Height: 85mm

Ball wall thickness: 2mm

pressurized cylindrical ionization chamber

Energy range: 60keV-7MeV

Sensitivity:> 2.6 × 10-6A/(Gy/h)

Inflation and pressure: P10 30 atm

Measurement range:(1~104)μGy/h


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