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Thickness measurement ionization chamber


Nuclear detector

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The sensor used in the radioactive thickness gauge is an ionization chamber with high stability and high grout. The ionization chamber used for thickness measurement includes air-type lang ionization chamber, inflatable V and X-ray ionization chamber, etc. They can be used to measure the thickness of paper, plastic diseased film, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, steel and other plates with various thicknesses commonly used in industry respectively.


Dimensions: can be customized according to user needs

Body material: stainless steel

Incident window material: titanium foil

Sensitivity: subject to actual measurement

Operating rays: β, γ, X

Ambient temperature:-25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

Relative temperature: 9%(40 ℃)

thickness measurement ionization chamber

Insulation resistance: collector to ground ≥ 4TΩ

High voltage pole to ground ≥ 4TΩ

High voltage pole to collector ≥ 4TΩ

Distributed capacitance: collector to ground ≤ 15pF or subject to actual measurement

High voltage pole to ground ≤ 25pF or subject to actual measurement

Working gas and inflation pressure High purity Ar gas, 0.3Mp or according to customized size

Ping oblique ≤ 0.5/100V, ping area -300V ~-800V

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