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Radiotherapy one-dimensional water tank

This product is a standard water phantom for absolute dose testing and is usually used in conjunction with various dosimeters to measure absolute doses. It is suitable for monitoring and calibration of high-energy photon and electron beam ionization chamber in water; the ionization chamber is horizontally inserted through the plexiglass adapter hole on the wall; The measurement location is 150mm below the upper wall surface, and the water level can be adjusted with the help of a wall scale to control the measurement depth.



Radiation Medicine

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1 .尺寸:30cm X 30cm X 37cm;

2 .水箱内配有适用于0.6cc电离室的平衡防水帽;

3 .水箱体壁有红色水深刻度线;

4 .底部4个支撑脚配有旋钮式水平调节装置;

5 .底板及各个侧板标有对位基准线;

6 .水箱上装有排水的水龙头一个。



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