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LB1008 Portable α, β Counter



Radiation environment monitoring

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Main application areas: drinking water, food, environmental samples, soil, nuclear power plants, medicine and health, agricultural science, isotope production, reactors, scientific researchIn the field of alpha beta total activity measurement, long-term stability of the instrument and high accuracy of measurement data.

Main application institutions: CDC inspection department or radiation health department at all levels, water quality testing center of water supply company, product quality supervision and inspection unit, entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, environmental monitoring station, environmental engineering laboratory of colleges and universities, etc. to measure the specific activity of total alpha and total beta radioactivity.

Technical indicators:

Using scintillator detector;

Equipped with industrial brand computer;

Can be measured simultaneouslyAlpha beta, can also be measured separately alpha or beta;

The measurement process and measurement results are displayed on the terminal display , the measurement results can be printed;

The computer adjusts the measurement time and the detector.α threshold, β low threshold(BetaL),beta high threshold(BetaH);

Programmable high-voltage setting, no manual adjustment of the high-voltage threshold knob.

BenBottom: The background alpha is.0.2cps; backgroundβ is6cps

Detection efficiency:Detection efficiency ratio of α and β ≥60

α/β crossover performance: α into β channel3%;β enters α channel1%;

Detector diameter:50mm;

Efficiency stability: Continuous energization of instrument24Hours;

● Relative inherent error: ± 25%

Repeatability of data measurement: 19.5%;

● Weight: 5kg

● Withstand voltage insulation:>1500V

absolutely Edge Electricity Resistance:>2MΩ;

Electricity Source Electricity Pressure: AC220V±10%;  50Hz;

Steady Pressure Fine Degree: better±1%  ;

Ring Environment Temperature Degree:0~40℃;

Phase Right. Wet Degree: <85%(35 degrees C).

● Localization rate: more than 80% of components and components are independently controllable;

● Attached documents: third-party metrological verification report or inspection certificate can be provided at the time of delivery.

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