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IMRT strength adjustment verification module

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  The absolute, relative, and point doses can be measured at the same time. Multipoint dose measurement and surface dose measurement can be easily completed by using stratified human molds for three-dimensional simulation of patients. For IMRT and conventional dose verification, the entire IMRT process is fully evaluated.

  In order to improve the credibility of treatment planning system accuracy and improve the patient condition, the distribution of dose in sensitive area and inhomogeneous tissue in low-dose area of Gaohe was evaluated in three dimensions.

  Synchronous measurement

  In one setting, three dose measurements are performed simultaneously, which saves time.

  Absolute dose

  The standard finger-shaped ionization chamber was used to measure 16 points at different depths and through molds.

  Point dose.

  The point dose is measured at any point in the mold using a semiconductor probe or a thermoluminescence dosimeter.

  The absorption dose of sensitive organs in the treatment plan was verified.

  Relative dose

  The relative dose(dose injection) is measured by placing a film every 3cm in the mold. Four.

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