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Personal dosimeter YD-III

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Product Description

  The YD-III Personal Dose Alarm is a smart pocket instrument. Mainly used to monitor X-rays and gamma rays. Within the measurement range, various threshold alarm values ​​can be set arbitrarily, and sound and light alarms are generated to remind the staff to pay attention to safety. The instrument has a large memory

  About one week of data can be stored. The main technology of the instrument complies with national standards and international standards. It is a portable pocket instrument with strong functions, small size, and low power consumption in similar domestic instruments. It is widely used in nuclear military, nuclear power plants, industrial non-destructive testing, isotope

  Use and hospital radiology department, cobalt treatment, health and disease control center, occupational disease protection, monitoring of background radiation levels around the residents of nuclear power plants and other fields.

  main feature:

  ★ Large amount of data storage, with 1500 hours of data storage capabilities.

  ★Threshold alarm can be continuously adjustable, with threshold alarm function such as cumulative dose, dose rate, blocking, and timeout

  ★ automatically record all kinds of data, power or replace the battery data is not lost

  ★Can display, cumulative dose, dose rate, working time, maximum dose rate occurrence time and size, cumulative dose threshold, dose rate threshold and other parameters

  ★ High sensitivity and response to environmental background

  ★ Small size and easy operation

  ★ Strong anti-electromagnetic interference

  Technical indicators:

  (1) Detector: Counting tube (compensated)

  (2) Display: 4-digit LCD can display cumulative dose, dose rate, threshold, maximum dose rate and time of occurrence, clock, etc.

  (3) Measurement range: Cumulative dose equivalent: Hp (10) 0.0 μSv-9999 mSv Dose equivalent rate: Hp (10) 0.1 μSv/h - 99.99 mSv/h

  (4) inherent error: <10% (about 2 mSv/h)

  (5) Dose equivalent rate response: ≤±20% (within the measurement range)

  (6) Energy response: ≤±30%; 50 keV- 1.3MeV

  (7) Measurement time: 3600 seconds - 1 second; automatic switching

  (8) Memory: 64K memory can store data for about a week without communication interface

  (9) Alarm function: when there is more than the set cumulative dose or dose rate threshold, there is an audible and visual alarm, and there is a symbolic display of blocking alarm. When the counting pipe is blocked, the continuous alarm will not stop, and the symbol shows the alarm sound intensity at 30cm. About 80dB

  (10) Undervoltage indication: battery voltage <1.3 ± 0.05V, the instrument displays the battery undervoltage symbol

  (11) Power Consumption: AAA 1.5V Alkaline Battery Section (No. 5 Battery) Used Continuously for 720 Hours in the Environment

  (12) Temperature characteristics: ≤±10%; -10°C—+50°C

  (13) Humidity characteristics: ≤±10%; 0—95%RH (+35°C)

  (14) Overall dimensions: 55 (width) × 75 (length) × 20 (thickness) (mm)

  (15) Weight: <98 g

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