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0.6cc finger ionization chamber

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Product Description

  The 0.6cm3Ferer finger ionization chamber is suitable for absolute radiation dose measurement of high-energy photons, electrons and protons. Used with a dosimeter, it can measure photon therapy beams generated by deep X-ray machines, 60Co treatment machines and medical accelerators, and external irradiation doses of energy less than 10 MeV electronic treatment beams.

  Technical indicators

  Product Type: Atmospheric pressure finger ionization chamber, ionization chamber dosimeter medical electrical standards in accordance with IEC60731

  Ionization chamber wall: High purity graphite (density: 1.85g/cm3) Wall thickness: 0.08mm

  Collector: High purity aluminum (99.99%) diameter: 1.1 mm

  Applications: Absolute radiation dose measurement at therapeutic levels

  Measurements: absorbed dose in water, air kerma, irradiation

  Reference radiation: 60Co

  Sensitive volume: 0.6cm3

  Sensitivity: 20nC/Gy

  Long-term stability: ≤±1.0%/year

  X energy response: ≤±4.0%

  Leakage current: ≤±4fA

  Ionization Chamber Operating Voltage: ±100-400V

  Energy range: 60Kv to 25MV (photon beam)

  (10-45) MeV (electron beam)

  (50-270) MeV (proton beam)

  Radiation field: (5*5)cm2....(40*40)cm2

  Ionization chamber plugs can be selected for BNC, TNC, etc., and can be used with PTW, IBA, and other dosimeters.

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