Therapeutic Level Dose Meter in Data Collation

Product features 7-inch color LCD screen, touch screen operation full Chinese operation interface, intuitive and easy to operate, can display 20 measurement data at the same time, cost-effective technical parameters, measurement range: high range: 20Gγ low range: 2Gγ repeatability: standard deviation of 10 measurements <0.2 stability: <+ -0.5 zero drift: ≤ +-0.1 leakage: <+-1fA ionization chamber plug: BNC plugs can be connected to ionization chambers produced by manufacturers such as Famer and PTW, and can also be equipped with TNC and M plugs according to user requirements. Ionisation chamber: 0.6cm3 ionization chamber, 0.125cm3 ionization chamber, 3


Our company through the ISO9001:2008 quality system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification

ISO9001 quality management system is a step-by-step, the pursuit of effectiveness, continuous improvement of a management standard. Therefore, the company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification in the early stage. Establish the company's quality management system. It is hoped that through the dual supervision of internal audit and external audit, the continuous improvement mechanism of management service will be established within the company, so that the internal management and service quality can be effectively improved, and a "customer-centered" business philosophy will be established to make the enterprise closer to the market.


Our company liquid nitrogen condensation refrigeration device successfully developed

At present, most of the detector refrigeration devices used by high purity germanium spectrometer users are ordinary liquid nitrogen tanks. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently replace the liquid nitrogen, which brings great inconvenience to the user. Our company has successfully developed a liquid nitrogen back-condensing refrigeration device, that is, the liquid nitrogen can be cooled and circulated through the refrigerator compressor. The 25-liter liquid nitrogen tank can work continuously for about one year without power supply. Greatly reduce the user to replace the workload of liquid nitrogen. The extremely high cost performance makes the product get a positive response from users when it is put on the market. Our company can carry out upgrading services for existing users of high-purity germanium spectrometers, and can customize the transformation of existing devices for users.

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