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HP(1O) Ionizing Chamber


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The HP(1) parallel thick flat plate ionization chamber can be used as a secondary calibration real chamber for the current quantity of HP(10) personal dose equivalent, and can be used as a calibration standard. The parallel flat plate ionization chamber is integrated with the thick phantom, enabling it to directly measure HP(10) dose equivalent. With this ionization chamber, it is not necessary to accurately determine the extent of the X-ray beam. Can be used with mixture meter

HP(1O) Ionizing Chamber


Product Type: Atmospheric parallel plate ionization chamber

Ionisation chamber: poly methyl propionate (graphite coating)

Shell size: 300mm x 300mm

Application: Radiometric measurement of the level of radioactive protection

Measurement parameters: dose equivalent H(10) personal dose equivalent

Reference radiation: X-ray

Sensitive volume: 10cm

Sensitivity: 280nC/Sv

Long-term stability: ≤ ± 1.0%/year

Reference point: the center of the ionization chamber, 13.5mm below the surface of the ionization chamber (or 15.5mm below the surface of the integrated body)

Leakage current: ≤ soil 10fA

Operating voltage: ± 200-400V

Phantoma thickness: 31mm (embedded ionization chamber. 120mm (additional thick plate))

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